Technical Corner
Technical Corner
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Dear visitor,

Welcome to my website. Starting from October 2007, I hope I can make this website interesting for you. As my free time permits I will put home projects on this site. Hopefully you can benefit from these projects.

A few important notes:
  • I have the copyright of everything published on this site. If you want to use the software for non-commercial purposes, please do (unless indicated otherwise). If you want to sell my software, don't. Or make me an offer I can't refuse...
  • Everything on this site is developed and described with care and I put a lot of effort in obtaining correct results in my home projects. I am however not liable for any claims or damage as a result from using the contents of this website.
  • Please do not copy contents of this website with the purpose to make it directly available via another website. If you do so, users may not be aware of bug-fixes or new versions I publish on this page. Provide a link to my site instead.
Have fun!

     Jeroen Boschma